What to Expect


A HACKATHON is a fast-paced, design and build competition with the sole goal to complete as much as possible with as little time given. The Future Industries HACKATHON is student led competition which takes a broader approach to traditional code-based HACKATHONs.


9th August – 10th August (Starts at 6PM)


Barr Smith South & Flentje Lecture Theatre


Click the Register button at the top of the page to register yourself or your team.


Some of the goodies that are on offer

Adelaide Institute of Machine Learning

$500 cash prize

Melbourne Hacker Exchange

For a team of 4, a winning team will have the opportunity to participate in the Melbourne Hacker Exchange, with each spot being valued at $1100

eChallenge Team Entry

A spot to participate in this Semester’s eChallenge, worth $250 each!


3D printing at ThincLab including professional mentorship and assistance.

A Day at Santos

Santos is offering a winning team a day at Santos! This will include the opportunity to meet a wide range of Santos staff, present your idea to Santos management, learn about the recruitment process, meet recent grads and find out more what Santos is your chosen interest key areas.