What to Expect


A HACKATHON is a fast-paced, design and build competition with the sole goal to complete as much as possible with as little time given. The Future Industries HACKATHON is student led competition which takes a broader approach to traditional code-based HACKATHONs.


9th August – 10th August (Starts at 6PM)


Barr Smith South & Flentje Lecture Theatre


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Some of the goodies that are on offer

Cash toward your idea

$500 1st Prize

$200 2nd Prize

$100 3rd Prize

ThinkLab Startup Experiences


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Everyone needs to get places, whether it be for that post-exam holiday to Bali or just getting to uni every day. We would all be much fitter if it wasn’t around but it would also mean that we couldn’t eat smashed avo on rye every Saturday for brunch. Better yet, if you can model a passenger train to another planet or invent a means of teleportation, you’ll probably be having weekend brunch with Elon Musk!
Climate change and the growing global population are limiting the number of viable crops we can grow worldwide. Unless we can terraform Mars ASAP, we need to find a way to improve crop yields in even smaller blocks. From improved conditions for livestock to modification of plant DNA, global agriculture needs fresh, innovative ideas to improve food security for our future.
Sick of those ‘classic’ South Australian blackouts? My mum always said, ‘if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself’. Be the hero of this state and form a Plan B or better yet, just a more reliable Plan A!
Not a fan of cars, wind turbines or wheat? Do you have niche or eclectic interests? This category allows you to explore everything we interact with from cinematography to making your bed in the morning and everything in between.