This year we’re doing something different and we’re encouraging you to think different. The Adelaide University Entrepreneur Club (AUEC), Adelaide Design and Engineering Practical Team (ADEPT), and the Adelaide University Engineering Society (AUES) have teamed up to bring you the very best in 24 hour stints! Team up in small groups to design and develop an engineering idea and turn it into a practical reality. There are prizes to be won, businesses to be formed, and amazing companies to impress. Whether your idea is in space, blockchain, the internet of things, farming, machine learning, sustainability, or you simply have an interest in design and technology, this hackathon is for you! Have a browse of the areas below and the preparation materials and, if you like what you see, register your interest by clicking the link above.


Find out more about how the competition works, our streams that you can focus your project on, and some of the things that you should expect over the 24 hours.

Innovation Workshop

Hear about some of the skills you might need to help you and your team throughout the competition. Learn about problem solving, idea generating, and the types of opportunities in innovation for engineers.

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